Ronald Higgins Obituary

Ronald Higgins, pictured in 1973 when he worked for the Observer. Photograph: Jane Bown for the Observer

Ronald Higgins

Ronald Higgins, husband to Dr Elizabeth Bryan and Patron of the Elizabeth Bryan Foundation Trust has died.

Ronald was the first to suggest the establishment of the Elizabeth Bryan Foundation Trust, and was our first Chair, and then Patron.  He was very supportive of the work of the Trust throughout the last three years.

Ronald Higgins who died on 22 December 2017 after a short illness had been active as a polymath right up until a few months before severe illness struck him down.  In his long and productive life he excelled and pushed the boundaries of knowledge in all the posts he held.  He met and married his equally eminent wife, Dr Elizabeth Bryan and supported Elizabeth’s ground-breaking work in establishing the Multiple Births Foundation.   Ronald wrote two books, The Seventh Enemy (the human factor in the global crisis) – which resulted in a BBC documentary, and Plotting Peace

He will be sorely missed for he provided such a fine example of a “life worth living”.

Ronald’s obituary is available to see on line here