Scholar Programme

Scholar Programme

About the programme

The programme offers scholarship support for suitable candidates to study at post-graduate level (MPhil, PhD and Post-Doc). With a focus on the aims, objectives and activities of the Elizabeth Bryan Foundation Trust.
Significant financial need and diverse personal background will be among the criteria for selection (details on application).

Programme administration 

This will be initially through the office of the Elizabeth Bryan Foundation Trust, but the award will be administered by the University that has accepted the proposal submitted by the candidate.
• Programme for UK Scholars – MPhil, PhD, Post-Doc awards
• Programme for International Scholars – one year visiting study programme

Programme Awards

MPhil Full cost – £25,000 a year Bursary to applicant – £15,000 a year
PhD Full cost – £25,000 for three years Bursary to applicant – £15,000 for three years
Post-Doc Full cost – £32,000 for one year Bursary to applicant – £25,000 for one year
Visiti ng Internati onal Scholars
Full cost – £35,000 for one year Bursary & accommodation – £25,000 for one year

If you would like to apply for the Scholar Programme please contact us.