Health and social care is a relational practice. As staff exercise their judgement, and offer their skills and expertise, individually and in teams, they are always in human relationship with patients, their families, and each other. The quality of their work, the experience of the patients, and the effectiveness and efficiency of their efforts, depend on the quality of these relationships – on the compassion, attentiveness, communication and cooperation that the embocy.

These relationships need to be supported and sustained by the values and conditions in organisations: by their strength as ‘healthy relational systems“.

Our Trust is, therefore, committed to promoting research and practice at all levels, from the individual encounter between staff members and patient or carer, through teamwork, management and leadership. We are concerned to see development in policy, education, and training, and in service delivery.

To fulfill our aims and objectives, we offer:

* An annual lecture to highlight and champion thinking about these concerns.

* Mentoring schemes in organisations to promote the well-being and effectiveness of individuals and the systems around them.

* A scholar programme to support post-graduate research associated with the fulfillment of our vision, aims and objectives.